Why You Should Buy A Premium Domain Name

Are you planning to launch a website? If yes, go for premium domain names

Imagine this:

Your business will be selling toys online. How would it feel if you register your site as toys.com? Every webpreneur like you seeks to have a simple and short domain name that gives an insight of what they do to the audience. Unfortunately, most of these short and industry-anchored domains are already owned. Therefore, checking your domain name availability is a must do. However, this should not kill your dream of owning one as you have an option of purchasing.

But why should you spend extra cash to find a premium domain? Here are the benefits:

a) Instant familiarity

What would you think of when you come across a URL phones.com? Certainly, you will start figuring out a massive business dealing with phones. As a customer, you will be tempted to click on search a website and view the offers. This would not easily happen in a domain name such as highqualityphones.co.uk.

As such, a premium domain comes with immediate marketing opportunities. Hence, they help you to spend less on your marketing activities. Also, these domains earn you credibility and trust from the audience. Customers have higher confidence on shorter domain names than on long ones.

b) Potential for faster revenue growth

Even though they are costly, premium domains come with a high potential for revenue growth. Take it this way: these domains are set for a specific industry. For instance, if you are seeking a domain name for your hotel business, you can buy hotels.com domain. Most likely, when people search for hotels on the search engine your site will display on the first page

. Thus, it will attract high traffics and visitors. And as you know, these factors can translate into revenue. For this reason, investing in such a domain is a wise and cost-effective decision.


c) Easy and direct navigation

Maybe you are one of them. When navigating the search engines to look for a particular item, some audience key in the keyword followed by .com extension. For instance, if they want sporting gears, they type sports.com. What does this mean to you? Owning a premium domain gives you a benefit of direct navigation. As such, it enhances your traffic and online authority. Also, if you are selling products online, there is a possibility of increased sales.

d) Enhance your competitive advantage

Every business seeks to have a competitive advantage over their peers. One way of achieving this is offering high-quality products and maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers. But did you know a premium domain can enhance your competitive advantage? Listen to this: generally, short domain names have a close link with large and multinational businesses. Hence, when a web user comes across them, they automatically trust their brands. So, purchasing this type of domain name, you start enjoying the same level of confidence and trust as the larger corporations do. Also, it is a proof of your capability in handling your customers’ needs and wants.

e) Gives authority to the content and information you share

Acquiring a premium domain enhances your online authority. Web visitors will always trust and have confidence in any information you upload on your site. For instance, if you write reviews for specific products and recommend them to the audience, there is a high possibility of your site followers to buy more. Also, if you criticize a given service or product, the dealer will likely record reducing sales. In this essence, these domain names grant you the power to shape online audience decisions. In a word, premium domains are essential. If you can afford one, it is vital to invest in it. Now, you know what you will gain by taking this path.