4 Main Advantages of VPS Hosting For Your Business

Hosting For Your Business

VPS hosting is a preferred option for startups that want more server resources to scale their operations, but don’t have the financial capability to migrate to dedicated web hosting. It’s a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Opting for this type of web hosting means you’ll enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting, but at a relatively low price. In essence, VPS hosting technology splits a single server into 2 or more (virtual) servers, with each having its software and operating system. That said, here are the 4 main advantages to using VPS hosting:

· VPS web hosting is cost-effective

As opposed to a dedicated hosting solution, a VPS hosting solution is relatively cheaper. That’s the reason why more and more online business owners are flocking to VPS hosting for their hosting needs. The resources you get on a VPS server are almost equal to those of a dedicated server, which is why this plan is well suited for small or medium-sized businesses that need a lot more resources but are experiencing financial constraints.

· VPS web hosting offers complete control over space and other resources

As opposed to shared hosting, VPS hosting accords you much more control over your space, including allotted server resources. The beautiful thing about VPS hosting plan is that it lets you utilize scripts and enables root access, which you can’t get with any shared hosting plan. In essence, there is zero limitation to VPS hosting, which means you are free to configure the server to your taste such as installing your preferred cPanel, including other software. A shared hosting service doesn’t offer those benefits.

· A VPS hosting plan offers a whole lot of flexibility and scalability

What makes VPS hosting attractive to small and medium-sized businesses is the flexibility it offers. You buy and pay for only the things you need since VPS hosting plans are customized depending on individual needs. Scalability means you can choose a relatively cheaper hosting plan with fewer resources and upgrade later when your business expands.

· VPS hosting offers enhanced security to your server

Security is a primary concerned for most businesses, especially e-commerce stores that deal with payment processing. With VPS hosting, your security is taken up a notch, since it can install custom and strict firewalls. Shared hosting is prone to threats because of the neighboring websites. If one is hit by a security glitch, your sites and others on the same server may be affected.


The bottom-line is that VPS hosting service comes along with all the necessary features and resources to make your business run smoothly. The rule of thumb when choosing VPS hosting service is to research all available options before picking out the best.