9 Significant Advantages of Selling

Tickets Online

All event planners can attest to both the fun and hustle of interacting with dozens of vendors and venue owners to get that perfect event. Now that the real hustle is over, you need to reward your efforts by getting attendees to marvel at and enjoy your dance party, orchestra or concert. The best option for getting people to throng your event and have a sold out party would be to sell your event tickets online. There are plenty of reasons to opt for online ticket selling platforms, and this article will take a closer look at them:

It is convenient for your attendees

E-commerce is booming, and one of the main reasons for this is the convenience that online stores offer their clients. Online ticket stores make it possible for their customers to access tickets in the comfort of their homes, pay, and start preparing for the event without added costs. If your customers are miles away, they will not have to incur extra traveling costs to obtain their tickets.

Another advantage of selling your tickets online is the availability of multiple payment gateways. It is crucial that you provide your clients with as many payment options as possible to help them feel valued. Besides, over 80% of millennials now want to buy everything online, and if you wish to have this vibrant lot at your event, you had better sell your tickets online.

It is convenient for you

All event planners have come across sudden hitches or issues with their events, which they need to bring their attendees up to speed with. If you used manual methods to distribute your tickets, then it will mean more costs in printing notices and fliers, plus the chance that not all buyers will access the information. This makes for poor customer experience, and the inconvenienced people will most probably never attend your subsequent events.

Online ticket selling platforms have mechanisms in place that enable you to add any information for all attendees to view or even send notifications directly to them. This way, you are assured that all clients are aware of any postponements, cancellations or venue changes.

Effectively Sell Tickets Online

You can access the system on the go

Unlike manual distribution where you would need to shuffle through endless papers to track the progress of the sales, you can access your online ticketing system’s dashboard via your laptop or smartphone. You only need an internet connection to monitor your sales on an optimized control panel that is user-friendly and easy to understand.

You can reach a broader audience

An online ticketing forum eliminates all geographical boundaries. Instead of limiting your attendees to those within a few miles radius of your event, why not try inspiring people from far and wide to come? This way, your brand will spread far and wide, increase your sales, and boost your profits.

Online ticketing services provide an idea of the event for your clients

Are you having a massive array of activities or special performances at your event? An online tickets store will enable you to show off all these extra fun activities to your clients to encourage them to buy tickets for themselves and significant others. You can also show your seating plan so that your guests can know beforehand where they will sit or purchase a position of choice.

Saves time and resources

Selling tickets in malls and other places will require you to design your tickets, print them out, have measures in place to avoid duplication and forgery, taking in orders, cashing checks, and other cumbersome logistics that you can readily avoid by having an online tickets store.

 The process of distributing them and manning the selling stations will also take a massive chunk out of your revenue while creating an account with a major online ticket selling platform like Eventbrite will take minutes. You can also opt for free online ticket selling services to further reduce your expenses.

These platforms will offer you an intuitive, yet reliable place to sell your tickets at a fraction of the cost you could use on the traditional distribution methods. You can use the extra time to iron out the finer details of your event, to make sure everything goes as planned.

Online ticket selling stores are available throughout

Unlike manned stands where employees will have to wrap up and go home at dusk, online ticketing platforms run 24/7, which allows your attendees to buy the tickets at any time that is convenient for them. Online ticketing platforms allow you to offer your clients the flexibility they need to buy their tickets outside working hours, and even to the last minute till the deadline. This may actually help you realize more sales, which will make your event far more successful.


Online ticket stores offer security for both you and your clients. Manned ticket distribution centers that accept cash are at a high risk of theft or robbery. Online payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe are available on all major online ticket selling stores to reduce the contact your staff has with cash.

Again, if your event has hundreds of attendees, signing them in manually will be stressful for your staff and frustrating for attendees waiting in line. With an online ticketing store, you can sign in your attendees using QR codes and efficient search functionalities to hasten verification and reduce the chances of a security event. Again, QR codes eliminate the possibility of ticket duplication or forgery. Your clients’ personal details and contacts are also kept secure by the platform you choose.

Casts a better image of your event and expertise

Selling tickets at the gate may come across as unprofessional, especially if you are targeting high profile clients. They may shy away from being spotted bustling for tickets at the gate. Selling tickets online is a way better solution for such clients, as it provides them with the convenience and smooth experience that they would want. Online ticket stores also increase customer trust, which is great for your current and subsequent events.


Selling your tickets online is the most convenient, way to have a high return on your event-planning efforts. You will reach more clients who will gladly mark their calendars to attend your event.