How to Stay Ahead Of the Competition in the Web Hosting Business

Web Hosting Business

With the demand for reseller web hosting increasing each day, many people are venturing into this business. This means that competition in the reseller web hosting business is stiffer than ever. That’s why if you decide to venture into this business today and want to stay in it long enough; you have to put the needs and requirements of your clients into perspective. This post looks at key aspects you must include in your reseller web hosting marketing strategy to ensure you bite a significant chunk of the market share:

      Offer free website templates in your reseller web hosting business

With customers taking time to research the best possible deal when buying hosting services, reseller hosting providers that offer free website templates will garner more customers. This underlines the importance of finding the right web hosting company to do business with. The right hosting company will offer free website templates as part of the reseller package offer without extra charge.

      A free content management system like WordPress

A significant chunk of your market will consist of bloggers. Startup blockers will want free content management system to buy your hosting packages. WordPress offers free website building. So provide one-click install for WordPress to attract more bloggers to your reseller web hosting business. Again, this underscores the importance of picking out the best web hosting company. The best hosting companies typically include free WordPress installation in their reseller package.

      Include freebies in your reseller web hosting plans

Let’s face it; people love free things. So to get more customers to buy your reseller web hosting packages, you’ll need to offer them a valuable item with your reseller web hosting package for free.

      Offer competitive bandwidth and disc space in your reseller web hosting packages

You have to be in the know regarding bandwidth and disc space requirement since if your offers are not competitive enough, customers will abandon you and head out to the competition. While it’s almost impossible to get unlimited bandwidth, you must endeavor to offer disc space and bandwidth that will enable clients’ websites to run smoothly.


Competition in the online space is stiffer than ever before. Every business owner is working around the clock to bring their A game in order to bite the biggest chunk of market share. The reseller web hosting business is no exception. Many merchants are venturing into the reseller